Thursday, 23 February 2012

Deco den for beginners!

So I've just recently got into a new hobby, which is famous among Japanese girls, and its known as deco den (being the abbreviation for decoration denwa, denwa meaning cell phone) And basically what it is, is taking a boring item and totally deco-fying it. And you're outcome is usually super cute! Deco den doesn't usually have specific guide lines, but there is certain things that you're going to need to get started. 

First off let's start with your basic things you'll need.
Silicone caulking: Alex DAP Plus is good, but make sure you get it in brilliant white, because that's what you want for whip cream. Usually for a glossy, rubbery finish, use 100% silicone, or if you want more of a matte, hard finish, use Acrylic-Latex caulking + silicone. (NOTE: You'll need a caulking gun or something to get the silicone out.)

Next up, you're going to need piping bags and piping tips, if you get the squeezable silicone, you'll only need your icing tips. (NOTE: Couplers are definitely recommended for easy switching of piping tips!)

Above is a coupler.

Next thing you're going to need is some sort of thing to decorate your pieces with. Anything from trinkets to gems to cabochons to your polymer clay creations, anything could be used! Also things like puffy paint, micro marbles and glitter can be used. You can also buy colored glue sticks for a cute melting chocolate effect. I'll list some other things that can be used later.

The two above are cabochons and clay pieces!

Deco denning is very simple, all you do is fill up your piping bag and pipe away on your piece. I'll show a few tutorials~

Next up is where to buy your supplies! I'll list a few good places.
Delish Beads: Cheap prices and free international shipping.

Etsy: Here are a few of my favourite Etsy shops~
(Very fast shipper, even includes extras!)

(Offers really nice deco tools!)

(Quick shipping, and adds extras!)

You can ask these Etsy sellers about custom orders, they're all very sweet and helpful!

Other shops:

(You can also find cute things to use at your local craft/dollar store! Be creative. c:

Other items that can be used for deco den:
Littlest Pet Shops
Gachapon items
Little toys
Polymer clay cane slices
Broken off pieces from your necklaces, barrettes, bracelets...etc
Just be creative. c:

Q- Where can I buy silicone?
A- Silicone can be bought at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's or really any hardware store. (:

Q- Isn't it dangerous?
A- In my opinion, it isn't, but really its for you to decide. As long as you don't smell it on purpose I think you're good.

Q- Is it expensive?
A- Actually, it isn't! A tube of silicone costs around $3.00, but your cabochons can get a little pricey.

Q- Is it hard to do?
A- It may look hard but it isn't, you really just need to get the hang of it. c:

Q- How long does it take to dry?
A- Depending on what kind of silicone you use, I'd give it at least 2 days, just to be sure. 
Kawaii ideas: (Please note, these aren't my pictures. c: All credit goes to their rightful owners.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I don't mind. (:


  1. Just what I was looking for thank you!

  2. Thanks for the info! Im gearing up to do my first decoden! I have all the cabochans, silicone, and the thing I wanna Deco.. now i just need the time! Im SUPER nervous about it though!

  3. I have a question..with the silicone caulk do u think there's a possibility to spray paint it a different color?? if u do try to do it then just take a little bit and spray the caulk with the spray paint
    and see how it turns out after it do a second experiment but this time let it dry for the 2 days then apply the spray paint. (hope I didn't confuse you)Plz try and let me know how it turns out! Best of luck :)

    1. Hi! I've heard it is possible to mix a little bit of acrylic paint with the silicone, but it may be kinda hard to not put in too much. Idk :)

  4. You can color your caulk if you squeeze it into a cup, add acrylic paint, stir. Put in disposable icing bag, with tip and coupling and procede.

  5. Is there a store where you can buy cabo chons? Not an online store.